Trans Dapt #969-4684
Motor Mount Pad

  • For SB-Chevy into
    Chevy Vega/Pontiac Astra
    (not for Monza chassis)
  • $33.99
    Trans Dapt Trans Dapt #969-4686 Mount Kit
  • SB-Chevy V8 into Vega/Astra

    Trans Dapt

    Hooker #520-12608
    Engine Swap Motor Mounts

  • SBC
  • 1971-80 Chevy Monza and Vega, 1975 Buick Skyhawk, 1975-79 Oldsmobile Starfire, Pontiac Astre and Sunbird

    Big Block engine bracket and transmission cross member    

    Front lower control arms off a 1976 Vega GT

    The control arms will fit 1971, 1972, 1973,1974,1975,1976 and 1977 Vega. They will also fit Monza and other H Body cars.

    The arms also have the mount for a sway bar application.

       Monza V8 trans cross member
    1972 - 1975 Vega transmission crossmember.

    It's for a 250 or turbo 350.

       Monza V8 trans cross member    
       Hooker standard and Turbo 350 trans cross member    
       Hooker transmission cross member    
    1971 - 1979 Chevrolet Vega

    Front Control Arm Bushings (Polyurethane)

    Black, Graphite Impregnated.

    Energy Suspension

    Part number 3.3126

       Milodon Vega oil pan Milodon M32-31070

    This oil pan fits 55-79 S/B Chevy engines with the driverís side dipstick. Specially engineered for the Small Block Chevy Engine installations into the Vega and Monza chassis.Pan Capacity is 6 quarts plus the filter. All Milodon Small Block Chevy oil pans require the use of the 77-79 thick front seal. You can order at additional cost the oil pump pickup for the stock oil pump part number M32 18312 cost is $49.99

    Bob Gum S10 spindle adapters Bob Gumm

    Chevy Vega/Monza S10 Spindle Balljoint Adapter Kit

    All 1971 thru 1980 GM H-Body cars

    Bob Gumm

    Chevy Vega/Monza v8 motor mounts

    All 1971 thru 1980 GM H-Body car


       Monza V8 bell housing 1975 Monza V8 bell housing and clutch fork  
        Monza V8 bell housing    
        Monza V8 bell housing    
        Monza V8 bell housing    
       Monza Buick V6 bell housing Buick v6 bell housing and clutch fork  
       Monza Buick V6 bell housing    
    Monza V8 NOS bell housing cover GM NOS bellhousing inspection cover for SBC V8 H -Body cars with a manual transmission  

    Car big bell housing on left, truck big bell housing on the right

    For V8 Chevrolet engines---------------------------since the VERY first Chevy 265 V8 in 1955, there are TWO sizes of bell housings. There are SEVERAL different bell housing configurations but there are ONLY TWO sizes---big and small. Each must be matched to its respective flywheel--again, big and small.
    Starting with the first V8 in 1955, there was ONLY ONE flywheel/bell housing size----big. The big flywheel is 14in diameter with 168 teeth. That 14in flywheel will ONLY fit a BIG bell housing. In 1963, Chev introduced a smaller, 13in, 153 teeth flywheel AS WELL AS a smaller bell housing. There are SEVERAL small bell housings for the small flywheel. The 403 is the one which is about as common as dirt------------------and is the cheapest to buy--------------usually about $10-25 at swap meets. The 421 housing, which is essentially identical to 403, is a 1963 ONLY housing. What makes the 1963 421 housing unique is the hole in the rear of the housing where the tranny front bearing retainer fits. It is smaller than the hole in all other housings (why in God's green earth Chevy did this in 63 is anyone's guess). Another oddball small housing is the one for the 64-67 Chevelle with a V8. It has the hole in the SIDE of the housing pointing down at an angle so that the throw out bearing fork doesn't cause any interference. Even though all of the above housings have a different configuration, they are still the SMALL housing for the SMALL flywheel. ALL the small bell housings are the full enclosure style. THE SMALL FLYWHEEL REQUIRES A STARTER THAT HAS A STRAIGHT ACROSS BOLT PATTERN FOR ATTACHING THE STARTER TO THE BOTTOM OF THE BLOCK.

    The BIG flywheel (14in, 168 teeth) was first used beginning in 1955 on the first Chevy V8. The BIG flywheel can ONLY be used with a BIG bell housing. Over the years there have been several configurations of big bell housings, but they will all work with the big flywheel. The 55-62 (used on some trucks up to about 1970) bell housings were cast iron (except for 60-62 Vettes and 60-63 hi-perf 348 and 409 engines in cars which was alum) and they ALL had an open bottom with a stamped sheet metal pan. Then, in 1963, the full enclosure BIG aluminum housing was introduced. Again, there are several configurations of big housings, but the MOST common and cheapest is the 3899621 (commonly referred to as the 621) housing. The 3872444 is nearly a clone to the 621 and was mostly used on 66-67 Vettes with a BB, but some 66-7 Chevelle owners have reported original 444 housings on their SS396 cars. Later, there was a 464697 housing which is also a near clone to the 621 housing, plus it was also a service replacement for the 621. The 697 was listed in the parts books under TWO different part numbers, depending on the location of the hole for the ball stud for the throw out bearing fork. So, for the full enclosure, alum bell housing, there are basically 3 choices: 3872444 (translate VERY$$$$$$$$$$$$), 3899621 which is fairly common but prices are increasing for this one, and the 464697 which is not terribly common-----but for a Chevelle, it will only work if it is the version that has the hole for the ball stud in the "normal" position. VERY, VERY, VERY few people on the planet can immediately spot the difference between these three big bell housings because the diffferences (other than the casting numbers) are so minor. So, either of the three will work perfectly.

    Big bell housings require a starter with a CAST IRON, STAGGERED bolt pattern for attaching the starter to the bottom of the block. Starters with an aluminum nose and the staggered bolt pattern will ONLY fit an automatic tranny. The starters for the 55-62 (up to 70 for some trucks) bell housings bolted directly to the bell housing, not the block. BUT, if you use a later block that has the threaded holes for mounting a block mounted starter, and you use an early iron housing (for example, installing a later 350 in a 55 Chevy and using the 55 iron bell housing), you can use the later, block mounted, iron nose, staggered bolt pattern starter instead of using the original style starter that bolted to the bell housing.

    Now, one last thing about big bell housings. The full enclosure aluminum truck housing, 460486. This is a big housing, it fits a big flywheel, will accept an 11in clutch, and a tranny (such as a Muncie) bolts up to it just fine. BUT IF YOU USE ONE OF THESE TRUCK HOUSINGS YOU MUST HAVE AN ADAPTER RING! The reason is because it has a bigger rear hole than the pass car housings. This hole is what properly centers the tranny with the rear of the crankshaft, NOT the four bolts that attach the tranny to the rear of the bell housing!!!!

    There are unscrupulous sellers at the swap meets that will sell one of these truck housings to unsuspecting buyers, but these truck housings are VERY easy to identify immediately from a car housing. See below for pictures. The truck housing has an EXTRA bulge around the bottom of the housing, whereas the car housings are just rounded (does that make sense).
    Also, it is super easy to immediately identify the difference between a small and a big housing WITHOUT looking for a casting number! On the SMALL housings, both sides are straight and the bulge for the starter nose DOES NOT protrude beyond the side of the housing. On the BIG housings, the bulge for the starter nose protrudes approximately 1in beyond the side of the housing---regardless of whether it is a 55 iron or a 90 aluminum housing or a truck housing. ALL of the big housings have the starter nose bulge sticking out about 1in.

    12 3/4 diameter flywheel, 153 teeth, starter bolt holes straight across.
    14" flywheel, 168 teeth, bolt holes offset.

    trans adapter rings



    GM NOS clutch cable for 1976 and later GM H body

    This cable measure 49" and according to my research will work on V8, V6, and 4cyl cars with this style cable.



    1971 to 1975 Vega clutch pedals and cable  





    1976 to 1977 Vega clutch pedals and cable  
    Chev truck V8 motor mounts Chevrolet truck motor mounts 1962-1970  
       Original Vega heater core cover    
    Vega heater core    
       Monza V8 power steering brackets Monza v8 power steering brackets  
       Monza V8 alternator and smog pump brackets and pulleys water pulley is 3 groove off and air conditioned car    
       Vega front windshield molding clips    
       Vega quarter window molding clips quarter window clips  
      Monza V8 exhaust manifolds Monza v8 exhaust manifolds  
       Monza V8 exhaust manifolds casting numbers    
       Monza V8 alternator bracket set Monza v8 alternator brackets  
       V8 motor mounts and frame plates Monza v8 motor mounts and body plates  
       NOS Monza v8 motor mounts  
       V8 left NOS frame plate Monza NOS v8 left motor mount bracket  
       V8 left NOS frame plate Monza NOS v8 right motor mount bracket  
    Vega upper control arms Vega front upper control arms  
    Turbo 350 trans rear housing with torque arm mounts Vega NOS turbo 350 short tail housing  
    Don Hardy 4 core radiator  
      1971-74 Vega heater box  
    Hurst 374-0006 mounts  
    Monza V8 oil pan Monza v8 oil pan  
    1978 Monza V8 parts oil pan with dip stick. Short water pump and all drive pulleys also bracket for alternator, Power steering pump and for A/C compressor.  
    Chevy small block short water pump Monza v8 short water pump  

    Trans-Dapt Performance Products 1122

       Vega 1971-1973 front K member    
       1976 Monza rear end    
       1973 Vega rear end    
      Pontiac Rally II wheels vs Vega GT wheels    
       Lakewood traction bars    
       NOS Vega door pins and bushings    
       NOS 71-80 clutch & brake pads    
       S10 spindles