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Dedicated to providing the information needed by the 1967-1969 Camaro owner when restoring their classic Chevrolet.

Model year  Number of cars produced 
1967  220,910 
1968  235,150 
1969  243,090 

These numbers indicate that the first generation Camaro was loved by many people when it was first introduced. How many still exist is unknown, but it is hoped that the survivors can be restored to their former glory by their current owners with help from sources like this web page.

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Each year of Camaro is indexed to a data base. This information is continually being added to and updated. Please check it frequently for new additions. 

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1.   1967 Camaro  
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3.   1969 Camaro  
4.   Specifications  
5.   Performance  
6.   FAQ  
7.   Manila, Philippines Assembly Plant  
8.   Norwood Assembly Plant  
9.   Van Nuys, California Assembly Plant  
10.   Build Dates by Assembly Plant  
11.   Web sites of interest  
12.   Photo Album  
13.   My background  
14.   Camaro Registry 7,800 cars found as of November 2011
15.   Chevrolet Camaro Parts Book 1967 - 1973 new for June 2009



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